Counter-Strike 2 update brings big changes to Premier matchmaking
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Premier Matchmaking in Counter-Strike 2 Receives Significant Updates

Counter-Strike 2 Patch Notes: Premier Matchmaking and Gameplay Improvements

Counter-Strike 2 is gearing up to have one of the biggest and most exciting FPS game releases of recent years. As Valve continues its work on the highly anticipated CSGO sequel, more players join the game’s limited test beta. If you’re one of the lucky few with access to Counter-Strike 2, you should check out its latest update. The recent CS2 patch brings changes to the newly added Premier matchmaking mode, as well as other adjustments to smoke grenades and more.

Ahead of the upcoming Counter-Strike 2 release date, the limited test updates continue coming regularly. Valve’s latest Counter-Strike 2 patch notes detail how the developer aims to better balance the new Premier matchmaking mode with shortened queues, voting changes, and rule adjustments. The Premier fixes come as a nice surprise, especially after the recent overhaul of the Counter-Strike 2 competitive play.

As more players obtain Counter-Strike 2 beta access, gameplay changes grow in significance. With the new update, you’ll now see the current armor value in the buy menu. Ducking across round transitions, deploying smoke grenades, and other combat-significant actions have improved, including molotov and incendiary fire functions. Alongside these significant tweaks are various bug fixes, including some for the ever-popular Overpass map.

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Counter-Strike 2 patch notes – Thursday, September 7, 2023

You can view the full CS2 patch notes for a more in-depth look at the limited test changes directly from Valve on Steam. The Premier matchmaking adjustments and other various fixes hopefully mean we’ll see the game fully launch soon.

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  • Overpass
    • Various bug fixes and tweaks


  • Added current armor value to the buy menu
  • Fixed issues with ducking across round transitions
  • Fixed a case where smoke grenades wouldn’t pop
  • Fixed a case where molotov/incendiary fire area was small in corners
  • Fixed a case where molotov/incendiary grenades would explode at the thrower’s feet
  • Fixed a case where the dropped bomb icon would appear on the radar incorrectly
  • Continued iterating on dropped weapon pickup

Premier matchmaking

  • Shortened “Waiting For Players” from 5 minutes to 2 minutes
  • Fixed voting to surrender and voting for tactical timeouts
  • Teams can use 3 tactical timeouts during regulation time and 1 during overtime
  • Various bug fixes and tweaks to UI elements


  • Fixed a case where hit feedback sounds wouldn’t play for spectators


  • Allow changing equipped graffiti mid-match
  • Improved free roaming and chase camera behavior in CSTV
  • Fixed a case where the money display was cropped in certain languages
  • Fixed a case where “Block names and avatars of strangers” would replace names with the wrong color words
  • Fixed a case where the award message for planting the bomb wouldn’t show
  • Fixed issues with alt-tab window switching in fullscreen mode
  • Added cvars mp_team_timeout_ot_add_once, mp_team_timeout_ot_add_each, mp_team_timeout_ot_max to control timeouts in overtime

If you’re looking for some more content relevant to Valve’s already-iconic sequel, check out our rundown of the Counter-Strike 2 maps to learn more about the game’s different arenas. Alternatively, browse through our in-depth look at all of the Counter-Strike 2 skins for a better understanding of the shooter’s more aesthetic side.

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