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PC VR Prepares for Next Year’s Supersonic Fight Experience

Supersonic Fight: A Spiritual Successor to F/A-18 Interceptor Takes Flight in VR

In a nostalgic nod to Intellisoft’s classic flight sim, F/A-18 Interceptor, UK studio Red Chain Games is set to release Supersonic Fight in 2024. This highly anticipated game brings back the thrill of aerial combat and takes it to new heights with optional PC VR support, exclusively on SteamVR.

A Journey Back in Time

Supersonic Fight begins three decades after the successful defense of the San Francisco Peninsula by your skilled squadron. Just as you thought the battle was won and peace prevailed, a mysterious enemy resurfaces. As a skilled pilot, you are entrusted with the iconic F/A-18 Hornet, assigned to protect your homeland in a gripping solo campaign featuring challenging story missions.

A Multifaceted Combat Experience

Supersonic Fight offers an array of gameplay modes, including the classic Dogfight (Deathmatch) and Team Dogfights (Team Deathmatch), as well as the ever-popular Capture the Flag and King of the Hill. For an extra thrill, ‘VIP’ mode allows one player to control Air Force One while the ‘Escort Team’ safeguards them. Additionally, ‘Defend-and-Attack’ tasks players with either defending or destroying iconic landmarks in San Francisco.

Extensive Features and Customization

The game’s Steam page confirms that Supersonic Fight is fully compatible with HOTAS controllers, providing an immersive flight experience. Players can pilot various aircraft, including the formidable MiG-29. The 80s-inspired soundtrack, influenced by iconic movies like Top Gun and composer Harold Faltermeyer, adds an extra layer of nostalgia to the gameplay.

Supersonic Fight also boasts an innovative in-game editor, allowing players to customize aircraft liveries to their heart’s content. With Steam Workshop integration, the possibilities for personalized visual enhancements are endless. Additionally, ‘Free Flight’ mode allows players to explore the enchanting city of San Francisco at their own pace, without the constraints of combat.

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A Passion Project Realized

Richard Smith, co-founder of Red Chain Games, expressed his motivation behind developing Supersonic Fight, saying, “I wanted to recreate the feeling that I remember when I first played Bob Dinnerman’s ‘F/A-18 Interceptor’ on the Amiga. After decades of experience and the power of modern gaming PCs, I believe I can do it justice and, hopefully, give others the same experience I had.”

Prepare for Takeoff

Gamers eager to relive the glory days of flight simulation and experience the thrill of combat in VR can look forward to Supersonic Fight landing on SteamVR in 2024. With its immersive gameplay, extensive features, and meticulous attention to detail, Red Chain Games is primed to deliver an exhilarating air combat experience that will leave players longing for more.

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