Star Citizen update brings out-of-this-world immersion
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New Star Citizen Update Enhances Immersion to Unprecedented Levels

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Star Citizen Alpha 3.20 Update Introduces HDR Support for Enhanced Immersion

Cloud Imperium, the developer behind the highly anticipated space game Star Citizen, has announced the upcoming Alpha 3.20 update, which will bring full High Dynamic Range (HDR) support to the game. This new feature aims to enhance the immersive experience for players by offering higher peak brightness, increased contrast ratio, and more visible details.

What is Star Citizen?

Star Citizen is an exciting space game that allows players to explore the vastness of the universe and engage in immersive combat, trading, and other activities. Cloud Imperium has been diligently working on updating the alpha build of the game to provide fans with an unparalleled interstellar adventure.

Introducing HDR Support

In a recent post about the Alpha 3.20 patch, Cloud Imperium announced the addition of HDR support to Star Citizen. The developer acknowledges the anticipation surrounding this feature and assures players that they have been optimizing the game to fully immerse themselves in its beauty.

Cloud Imperium explains that HDR enhances immersion by offering higher peak brightness while maintaining the darkness of shadow tones, resulting in an increased contrast ratio. This means that players will notice more visible details and bright highlights, similar to the effect of sunny days on snowy surfaces.

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Optimal Experience and Hardware Requirements

To fully experience the HDR feature, Cloud Imperium recommends dimming the room’s lights. The developer explains that even the best displays reflect a small percentage of ambient lighting, which can result in muddy shadow tones and a perceived loss of contrast. Additionally, players will have control over the HDR power or “peak brightness” through a new slider, with the developer recommending pushing it to the maximum for the best results.

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Before attempting to enable HDR in-game, players should activate HDR via their Windows settings. It’s important to note that not every build of the game supports HDR, so players should ensure their hardware is compatible before attempting to use this feature. For more detailed information on the Alpha 3.20 patch and Cloud Imperium’s explanation of the upcoming HDR support, players can visit the Star Citizen forums.

Other Gaming Options

If players are looking for alternative gaming options while awaiting the full release of Star Citizen, there are several great multiplayer games available to enjoy with friends. Additionally, there are numerous exciting upcoming PC games currently in development.


The addition of HDR support in the upcoming Alpha 3.20 update of Star Citizen is set to enhance the immersive experience for players. With higher peak brightness, increased contrast ratio, and more visible details, players will be able to fully immerse themselves in the beauty of the game. Cloud Imperium’s dedication to optimizing the game and providing frequent updates demonstrates their commitment to delivering an unparalleled interstellar adventure.

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