Super Mario Bros. Wonder pre-order bonus guide
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Guide to the Super Mario Bros. Wonder Pre-Order Bonus

Super Mario Bros. Wonder Pre-Order Details and Bonus Information

Super Mario Bros. Wonder pre-order bonus

Super Mario Bros. Wonder is expected to be one of Nintendo’s biggest Switch games of 2023, and we’re here to provide you with all the pre-order details and bonus information you need. This highly anticipated side-scrolling game is set to release on October 20, 2023, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

Game Details

If we’re strictly talking about the brand new side-scrolling games, the Super Mario Bros. series has been missing since New Super Mario Bros. U on Wii U – unless you count the Luigi U DLC or Switch port. Super Mario Bros. Wonder is described as an “evolution” of the series, introducing exciting new features and characters. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Wonder Flowers: These unique power-ups will mix things up by changing certain elements of the game, such as making pipes come alive.
  • Elephant Mario: A new power-up that grants Mario the ability to transform into an elephant, providing unique gameplay mechanics.
  • Daisy: For the first time in a side-scrolling Mario game, Daisy will be a playable character, offering a fresh experience for fans.

Pre-Order Bonuses

Several retailers are offering exclusive pre-order bonuses for Super Mario Bros. Wonder. Here’s a breakdown of the bonuses available:

Retailer Bonus Pre-Order Link
Amazon None Pre-Order Here
Best Buy None Pre-Order Here
GameStop Sticker Set Pre-Order Here
Amazon Canada None Pre-Order Here
Amazon UK None Pre-Order Here
My Nintendo Store UK TBA Pre-Order Here
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Please note that the availability of bonuses may vary depending on your region and retailer.

Affiliate Programs

Nintendo Everything is a participant in the Amazon, Best Buy, and GameStop affiliate programs. The website may receive a partial commission through orders placed with these retailers.

Stay tuned for more updates and bonus announcements as the official release date of Super Mario Bros. Wonder approaches. Get ready to embark on an exciting new adventure with Mario, Daisy, and the incredible Wonder Flowers!

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