Gargoyle Doyle Mixes MR Museums With VR Comedy
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Gargoyle Doyle Fuses MR Museums with VR Comedy

Gargoyle Doyle: A Unique Cross-Reality Experience

Gargoyle Doyle, a captivating mixed reality (MR) and virtual reality (VR) project, combines the immersive elements of a museum with a compelling storytelling experience. In this article, we delve into our initial impressions of this innovative endeavor that blurs the boundaries between reality and virtuality.

An Enchanting 360° Movie-like Experience

Gargoyle Doyle can be better described as a 360° movie rather than a traditional video game. The project revolves around the adventures of Doyle, an egotistical gargoyle residing on a French cathedral, who firmly believes in his destined greatness. Through seamless transitions between MR and VR segments, players are taken on a visually stunning journey.

My own experience of Gargoyle Doyle lasted approximately 40 minutes and was carried out on a Quest Pro headset with color passthrough and hand tracking controls. The journey began inside a virtual museum filled with intriguing exhibits, allowing me to explore by pressing buttons on pedestals to hear detailed explanations. While this showcased the potential of an MR museum, it was soon evident that storytelling took precedence over interactivity.

The VR story segments kicked off within a meticulously designed model of the cathedral. However, Gargoyle Doyle’s focus on narrative meant that player interaction was limited to pressing virtual buttons in the MR museum. Consequently, the VR side of the experience felt more like an engrossing short movie rather than a traditional game. Nevertheless, this approach worked seamlessly thanks to the engaging storyline.

An Entertaining Narrative

Gargoyle Doyle is divided into four segments that chronicle the captivating history of the French cathedral. The initial plans of positioning Doyle at the center of the cathedral are thwarted when a loose bell causes significant damage to him. Subsequently, Doyle is relegated to a back alcove, filling him with contempt. Coming to his aid is Chet, an energetic metal rain gutter who accompanies Doyle throughout the centuries.

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The narrative of Gargoyle Doyle is an entertaining one, managing to strike a perfect balance between entertainment and brevity. The clashing personalities of Doyle and Chet add depth to the story, enhanced by the talented voice performances of Jason Isaacs (Doyle), Haley Joel Osment (Chet), and T’Nia Miller.

Gargoyle Doyle screenshot
Gargoyle Doyle screenshot

Uneven Visual Quality and Future Plans

One notable concern I encountered during my playthrough was the inconsistent visual quality. While the main characters, such as Doyle, looked impressive on the Quest hardware, the design of human characters appeared odd and somewhat rough. However, it is important to note that this aspect may potentially be improved upon in subsequent updates. Director Ethan Shaftel mentioned that “new animated sequences” will be added to the experience in the coming months, leaving room for visual enhancements.

Gargoyle Doyle made its debut at the Venice Immersive in Italy, leaving audiences curious about its future release. When asked about a broader launch, Shaftel confirmed that plans for “multi-user and home versions” are in the works, with a projected release window of 2024. This opens up possibilities for more individuals to embark on their own Gargoyle Doyle adventure.

Final Thoughts: A Unique Blend of Reality and Storytelling

Gargoyle Doyle offers a one-of-a-kind immersive experience that successfully merges mixed reality museum elements with a captivating narrative. Despite its more movie-like qualities, the project manages to keep players engaged through its storytelling prowess. While the uneven visual quality raises concerns, the promise of future updates and enhancements instills hope for a more polished final version.

As Gargoyle Doyle continues its journey towards a wider release, fans of immersive entertainment can look forward to exploring the enchanting world of this egotistical gargoyle and his trusty metallic companion.

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