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Fates Transitions from Free Update to Paid Sequel: A Major Shift in Strategy

Stride: Fates to Launch as Standalone Sequel for VR Parkour Game

Joy Way, the publisher of the VR parkour game Stride, has announced that the anticipated free update, Stride: Fates, will now be released as a standalone sequel for the Oculus Quest and PC VR platforms. Initially planned as an hour-long solo campaign, Stride: Fates faced a delay last December and was showcased again during the UploadVR Summer Showcase in June. The decision to release it separately later this year aims to enhance the overall development of the game.

The official description of Stride: Fates promises an immersive experience that combines parkour and shooting elements. Players will embody a parkour spec-ops officer, navigating through the dynamic streets of dystopian Airon City. From bustling slums to towering skyscrapers, players will encounter power shifts in gangs, family feuds, corporate secrets, forbidden technology, and other obstacles that shed light on their character’s past.

Longer Campaign Length with Added Features

Stride: Fates sets itself apart from its predecessor by offering a lengthier campaign, estimated to take players 5-8 hours to complete. In addition to the main storyline, the game will include side quests and feature open-world environments, enhancing the overall immersion for players.

Technological Advancements Necessitate Separate Launch

According to Joy Way, the decision to release Stride: Fates as a standalone sequel was driven by the advancements in technology since the initial release of Stride in 2019. The new content and expanded features of Fates required significant changes to the game engine and other technical aspects. Despite efforts to optimize and restructure the code base, some underlying technical debt and limitations remained.

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In order to fully capitalize on the potential of Stride: Fates, Joy Way decided to go through a separate development process. This decision allows the team to deliver an enhanced gaming experience without constraints imposed by the previous code base.

Release Schedule and Pricing Details

Joy Way has announced that Stride: Fates will be released during the upcoming Holiday season exclusively for the Meta Quest platform, followed by a release on SteamVR in 2024. While the exact pricing details have not been confirmed, the publisher has assured that anyone who owns the original Stride on Steam will receive an exclusive major discount upon the launch of Stride: Fates.

Players eagerly anticipating the release of Stride: Fates can expect a thrilling and immersive parkour experience, with a compelling campaign length, side quests, and an open-world environment. As the game undergoes further development, the standalone sequel aims to deliver an enhanced and technologically advanced VR gaming experience, showcasing the evolution of the Stride franchise.

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