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EA Sports FC 24, how do you celebrate? The list of new celebrations available

Scoring a goal, whether it’s a game-changer or just a consolation, is always a moment of joy in football. And what better way to express that joy than with a unique celebration? EA Sports understands this sentiment and, with the release of FC 24, has introduced a plethora of new celebrations inspired by iconic footballers from around the world.

New Celebrations for Everyone

EA Sports FC 24 has made sure that every player, regardless of their virtual footballing prowess, can join in the celebration fun. Some of these celebrations are inspired by real-world footballers but can be executed by any player in the game. Here’s a list of some of the universal celebrations:

  • Faking It: L2 / LT + Push the right stick twice to the left
  • Cat Scratch: L1 / LB + Push the right stick twice to the left
  • Bye: L1 / LB + R3 / RS
  • Rock On: L2 / LT + R3 / RS
  • Workout: L2 / LT + Square / X
  • All Ears: L1 / LB + Triangle / Y
  • Guns Out: L1 / LB + Square / X
  • No Agility: L2 / LT + Rotate the right analog stick counterclockwise once
  • No Look: R1 / RB + Rotate the right analog stick clockwise twice

Signature Celebrations

While the universal celebrations are available for all, some celebrations are exclusive to specific players, capturing their unique style and charisma. Here are a few of the signature celebrations:

  • Cristiano Ronaldo: X / A (Only with Ronaldo)
  • Antoine Griezmann: X / A (Only with Griezmann)
  • Samantha Kerr: X / A (Only with Kerr)
  • Mohamed Salah: X / A (Only with Salah)
  • Ashley Barnes: X / A (Only with Barnes)

Last-Minute Drama

The thrill of scoring a last-minute goal is unparalleled. Recognizing this, EA Sports FC 24 has also introduced celebrations specifically for those dramatic moments. To enjoy these, players simply need to run towards the corner flag, their manager, or even the TV cameras.

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In conclusion, EA Sports FC 24 has truly upped the ante when it comes to in-game celebrations. By offering a mix of universal and player-specific celebrations, they’ve ensured that every goal scored feels special. Whether you’re looking to rub it in the face of your opponent or simply enjoy the moment, FC 24 has got you covered. So, the next time you find the back of the net, remember to celebrate in style!


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