Is Payday 3 matchmaking down? Current server status
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Current Server Status: Payday 3 Matchmaking Unavailable?

Are Payday 3 Servers Down? Players Encounter Matchmaking Troubles

September 23, 2023: It seems players are continuing to encounter troubles matchmaking. Starbreeze says players should be able to create lobbies again, but some issues still persist.


The third installment in the Payday series, Payday 3, experienced a surge in popularity upon its release, quickly climbing to the top of the Steam best sellers chart. However, the immediate success of the game came with a downside as players faced difficulties with matchmaking, crashed servers, and encountered error codes. Developer Starbreeze has been actively communicating with the community and working to fix these issues, but there may still be challenges ahead.

Server Issues in Multiplayer Games

Server issues are not uncommon in multiplayer games, and Payday 3 is no exception. When a large number of players attempt to join the game simultaneously, servers can become overwhelmed. Since Payday 3 is an ‘always online’ co-op game, these server issues are particularly impactful. If you’re currently experiencing matchmaking problems in Payday 3, here’s what you need to know.

Is Payday 3 Matchmaking Down?

Payday 3 servers appear to be having issues again as players are experiencing difficulty with matchmaking. Developer Starbreeze assures players that “things are starting to look better,” but acknowledges that “you still might have a few issues, bear with us while we focus on stabilizing!”

In a recent update posted on Saturday, September 23, via their Twitter account, Starbreeze mentioned that improvements have been made to Payday 3, allowing players to create lobbies and matchmake again. However, some players still report being unable to connect to the game’s servers.

While there might be some workarounds depending on the specific issue you’re facing, such as trying to play Payday 3 solo or using invite-only matchmaking, the ‘always online’ nature of the game makes it challenging to bypass these problems. If you’re unable to access the game or encountering error codes, it may be necessary to wait for the issues to be resolved.

Payday 3 Server Status

Starbreeze is committed to maintaining transparency regarding the Payday 3 server status and continues to communicate updates through their Twitter profile. They have released a statement addressing the matchmaking and server issues experienced upon Payday 3’s release:

“The release of PAYDAY 3 is the culmination of many years of hard work, and seeing the reactions during the first hours was fantastic for all of us. We are, of course, incredibly disappointed that the infrastructure didn’t hold up as expected, and although it’s impossible to prepare for every scenario, we should be able to do better. We will work tirelessly until we have restored all services and our players can get to heisting again without issues.”

When the Payday 3 server status indicates that servers are online and functioning smoothly, it’s essential to be prepared with the best weapons for a successful heist. However, if the servers are offline, you may consider exploring some of our favorite stealth and hacking games to keep your heist instincts sharp.

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