Fae Farm: Beginner's Tips - How To Make Money, Fast Travel, Decorate, And More
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Beginner’s Guide to Fae Farm: Tips for Efficient Money-Making, Swift Travel, Decorations, and More

**Beginner’s Tips for Fae Farm: How to Make Money, Fast Travel, Decorate, and More**

Fae Farm is a charming farming game that may seem a bit dull in the beginning. However, once you finish the first four chapters, the game opens up and becomes much more interesting. In this article, we will provide you with some beginner’s tips to help you make the most of your Fae Farm experience.

**Finish Chapter 4 ASAP**

To truly unlock the magic of Fae Farm, it is essential to finish Chapter 4 as soon as possible. This will open up a whole new world for you to explore, introducing magical powers, a new jump ability, and unlocking new characters. While it may be tempting to focus on investing in crops and animals, prioritize reaching the bottom of the Saltwater Mines to progress in the game.

**Making Money**

While there is no specific guide to making money in Fae Farm, we can offer you a few simple tips. The real money lies in the mines, specifically in the gems you find there. Use the Gem Polisher workbench to polish the gems and make a substantial profit. Level up your pickaxe and mining skills to increase the number of gems dropped by each node. Gems found in deeper or harder mines are worth even more.

Another way to make more profit is through Shipping Contracts. These contracts ask for specific items and, if successful, can provide a higher profit margin than selling the items individually. However, keep in mind that the success rate of Shipping Contracts can be inconsistent.

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**Invest in Fast Travel**

Fae Farm features a fast travel system that requires seals, which can be crafted at the Seal Crafting Station. Fast travel between floors in the mines can save you a lot of time and effort. Invest in crafting seals before anything else that requires ore and gems. The fast-travel menu also provides information about the likelihood of encountering specific materials on each floor, making it easier to plan your mining trips.

**Use That Map**

The map in Fae Farm is a valuable tool that can help you navigate the game world more efficiently. You can select any NPC on the map to get a tracker arrow that will lead you directly to them. Additionally, the map indicates if NPCs have quests for you, making it easier to prioritize your tasks. Keep an eye out for main quests and festival quests, which are marked with a diamond and an exclamation mark.

**Make the Most of Your Time**

Time management is crucial in Fae Farm. While a day in the game is relatively generous, it’s essential to avoid wasting time in menus. The clock only pauses in certain situations, such as when opening the main menu or talking to people. Be cautious when using the inventory, as you can still be attacked by enemies while it is open. Crafting Zoom Potions can help you move around faster, and using the main menu to pause can be beneficial.

**Sorting Storage Woes**

Fae Farm’s storage system may not be perfect, but it can be effectively utilized with a few tips. Sorting items in the storage interface can help you find what you need more easily. ZR sorts items by type or alphabetically, while ZL allows you to filter items by category. Storing items can be done by pressing RB to store everything in your inventory that already has at least one counterpart in your storage. Use LB to store individual stacks. Additionally, you can access your inventory quickly by pressing up on the D-pad.

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**Breed, Baby, Breed!**

Breeding animals in Fae Farm can be time-consuming but rewarding. Purchase an animal at one of the farms west of town, register it at home, and then bring it back to the same farm to breed it. Animals bred from your own animals will have a larger happiness meter, allowing you to obtain more resources from them. However, the mechanics of animal raising in the game can be a bit confusing.

**Pay Attention to the Seasons**

Fae Farm features four seasons, each with its own unique critters, fish, forageables, and crops. It is essential to pay attention to the changing seasons to make the most of the game’s resources. For example, different wild greens appear in each season, and picking them all can help you complete your almanac. Make sure to check back regularly to unlock all the seasonal items.

In conclusion, by following these beginner’s tips, you can enhance your Fae Farm experience and make the most of the game’s features. From finishing Chapter 4 to investing in fast travel and paying attention to the seasons, these tips will help you navigate the world of Fae Farm with ease. Happy farming!

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