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Begin Your Starfield Journey: 10 Essential Things to Know for Starters

[Title]: Starfield: A Guide to Success in the Vast Universe

[Subheading]: Starfield Starters: A Four-Part Guide to Mastering the Game

Starfield, Bethesda’s highly anticipated space-themed RPG, is finally here, launching today on Xbox Series X|S and PC with Game Pass. To help players navigate this enormous game full of overlapping systems and mechanics, Xbox Wire has put together a series of articles called Starfield Starters. This four-part, spoiler-free guide aims to prepare players for the challenges and wonders that await them in the vastness of space.

In this installment of Starfield Starters, we will focus on some of the game’s most important, complex, and lesser-known features, providing tips and insights on how to succeed with them. Whether you are a stealth-based character, a resource hunter, or a faction enthusiast, we’ve got you covered. So, buckle up and get ready for an adventure like no other.

[Heading 1]: Invest in Yourself
Character progression in Starfield differs from previous Bethesda RPGs like Skyrim and Fallout 4. While you still earn XP for actions, such as successful persuasions, unlocking character benefits requires focusing on Skill Challenges. For example, to play as a Stealth-based character, invest in the Stealth skill to unlock the Stealth meter for your character. Further upgrades require completing specific challenges. Other skills worth considering early on include Wellness, Commerce, Boost Pack Training, Persuasion, Medicine, and Surveying.

[Heading 2]: You Can’t Take the Sky from Me
Starfield offers players unparalleled freedom to explore the universe. While following the main story path introduces companions and progresses the overall narrative, it is not strictly necessary. Instead, consider exploring the universe on your own terms. Check out mission boards in port cities for bounties, goods transport, and passenger ferrying opportunities. Engage with various factions and their standalone storylines. Strike a balance between core story missions and free exploration to truly experience the vastness Starfield has to offer.

[Heading 3]: My Cargo Runneth Over
Looting is part of the fun in Starfield, but it’s easy to end up with an overflowing inventory. To manage your items effectively, utilize your ship’s cargo hold. Transfer items from your inventory to the ship’s cargo hold when near it. Regularly empty the resources section of your inventory into the ship’s cargo hold to free up space. If you’re maxing out your capacity, use the ship’s ground to temporarily store excess items. Consider adding cargo containers to your ship’s builder to increase inventory capacity without sacrificing maneuverability.

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[Heading 4]: You’re All My Favorites
To streamline inventory management, use the Favorites bar. Assign three items to each direction of the D-Pad (or keyboard number rows on PC) for quick access. Customize your favorites bar according to your play style. Assign weapons, throwables, and aid items to maximize combat efficiency. Swap equipment on the fly, such as equipping a helmet that provides damage reduction during firefights. The Favorites bar allows for quick hot-swapping without constantly shifting between inventory and gameplay.

[Heading 5]: Fun with Factions
Early on in Starfield, take on Faction Quests to earn money and familiarize yourself with the game universe. Faction quests often lead to discovering side quests of varying complexity. Keep an ear out for conversations in major cities like New Atlantis, Akila City, and Neon to learn about quest opportunities. Once started, faction quests will be assigned to a specific faction section in your mission menu. Join different factions like the UC Vanguard, Freestar Rangers, or Ryujin for unique experiences and questlines.

[Heading 6]: Resource Hunting
While scavenging for resources can be thrilling, it’s often easier to buy them from kiosks at starship ports and other vendors. These resources can be crucial for crafting and upgrading items. Additionally, improving your Surveying skill allows you to detect harder-to-find resources from orbit, reducing time spent searching. Take advantage of the “Track” feature in the Resource menu to mark specific ingredients for crafting recipes, making them easier to locate while exploring.

[Heading 7]: Dress for Success
Clothing in Starfield offers more than just visual flair. Many outfits provide stat bonuses that can enhance your character’s capabilities. Experiment with different outfits to complement your playstyle. For example, wearing a research uniform during research activities increases the chance of a Sudden Development, advancing research even without all necessary materials. Pay attention to apparel that improves persuasion, stealth, or oxygen consumption. Explore the wide range of apparel available to find items that suit your character’s needs.

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[Heading 8]: Leave Your Friends Behind (if You’re Up to No Good)
Stealth-based missions require a delicate touch, and having companions with you can make navigating these missions more challenging. To avoid setting off alarms and drawing unnecessary attention, it’s best to dismiss or ask your followers to wait. Remember to retrieve them before embarking on your next adventure. Keep the element of surprise in stealth-focused missions by going solo.

[Heading 9]: Get a History Lesson
As a spacefaring people in the 24th century, it’s essential to understand the history and context of the Starfield universe. To catch up on the lore, visit the interactive orientation available to UC Vanguard members in New Atlantis. This orientation provides insights into major conflicts, factions like the Freestar Collective and House Varu’un, and the overall state of the universe. Immerse yourself in the history of the Starfield universe and gain a deeper understanding of the world you’re exploring.

[Heading 10]: Don’t Leave Home Without Them
Throughout your Starfield journey, you will encounter companions who can join you on adventures. These companions contribute not only to combat but also to your overall experience. Bringing companions along unlocks unique story arcs for each character, allowing you to build meaningful relationships. Additionally, companions have a knack for finding useful items during your travels. Interact with your companions and ask if they have anything to offer. You might be surprised by the valuable items they find.

[Bonus]: Additional Tips from the Stars
In addition to the previous tips, here are some quick tips to enhance your Starfield experience:

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– Organize your weapons by ammo type to maximize carrying capacity.
– Use the scanner to quickly jump to your mission objectives while in space.
– When disoriented, follow the zipper arrow trail generated by the scanner to your destination.
– Pay attention to system levels and ensure they align with your player level for the best experience.
– Ensure your base has power by connecting wires from the generator to the structures.
– Utilize output links to transfer resources between your harvesters and transfer containers.
– Experiment with the game’s photo mode to capture stunning moments and potentially see your shots on loading screens.
– Take advantage of Game Pass benefits, including saving on the Starfield Premium Edition Upgrade and accessing exclusive content.

[Subtitle]: Play Starfield Exclusively via Samsung TVs – No Console Required!
For active Xbox Game Pass members, there’s exciting news. Starting today, Starfield can be played on supported Samsung TVs, monitors, and portable projectors via the Samsung Gaming Hub. No console is required. This exclusive offer allows players to enjoy Starfield on devices they already own. In addition, Game Pass members can save on the Starfield Premium Edition Upgrade and receive exclusive content such as the Shattered Space Story Expansion, the Constellation Skin Pack, and access to the Starfield Digital Artbook and Original Soundtrack.

[Subtitle]: Hang Out with Friends While Playing Starfield
The new Play Together widget on Windows 11 Game Bar, powered by Microsoft Teams, allows players to connect and chat with friends while playing Starfield. Friends can join from any device and share videos directly on top of the game. Download the Play Together widget for free or learn more about this feature to enhance your multiplayer experience.

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