Apple Vision Pro Still On Track To Ship Early Next Year
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Apple Vision Pro Still on Schedule for Early 2022 Shipment

Apple Vision Pro Still on Track to Ship Early Next Year, Says Tim Cook

In a recent Apple Event livestream, CEO Tim Cook confirmed that the highly-anticipated Apple Vision Pro, the company’s first “spatial computer,” is still set to be released in “early 2024,” as previously announced at WWDC in June.

While specific details about the device remain scarce, it has been revealed that the Vision Pro will first hit the market in the United States, with a starting price of $3500. Following its US debut, it will subsequently be made available in other undisclosed countries later within the same year.

Apple Vision Pro
Apple Vision Pro

Apple’s Slow Rollout Strategy

According to a report by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, Apple plans for a slow and limited rollout of the Vision Pro. Initially, the headset will be exclusively sold in Apple Stores and on Apple’s official website, deviating from the company’s usual practice of selling products through third-party retailers as well.

Apple is expected to dedicate a special section within its stores called the Vision Pro section. This area will provide demos and fitting tools to help potential buyers explore the features and functionalities of the device. However, initially, these sections will only be available in select major areas like New York and Los Angeles.

Gurman’s report also suggests that Apple is discussing the possibility of introducing the Vision Pro to the UK and Canada as its first international markets. Asia and Europe will likely follow suit, although no final decisions have been made regarding these regions. Furthermore, Apple is actively working towards localizing the device for Australia, Germany, France, Japan, South Korea, and China.

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Complexities in Production

The slow and limited rollout appears to be influenced by reported challenges in mass production of the Vision Pro. Widely regarded as the most complicated device ever designed by Apple, the headset’s production has faced hurdles due to its intricate nature.

One specific challenge lies in the availability of microdisplays with ultra-high resolution, which are crucial components in the Vision Pro. Sony, the primary supplier of these components, reportedly has the capacity to manufacture microdisplays for less than half a million units per year, indicating the limitations in meeting high demand.

Apple Vision Pro Full Specs
Apple Vision Pro Full Specs


Apple’s eagerly anticipated spatial computer, the Vision Pro, remains on track for an early 2024 release. While it will initially be exclusively available in Apple Stores and online, plans are underway for a gradual expansion to international markets.

The slow and limited rollout is primarily influenced by the complexities involved in mass production, particularly with the availability of ultra-high resolution microdisplays. Despite these challenges, Apple enthusiasts and technology enthusiasts alike eagerly await the Vision Pro, which promises to be a significant leap forward in mixed reality experiences.

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