Here's Every Quest 3 VR Game Getting A Graphics Upgrade
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All Quest 3 VR Games Set to Receive Enhanced Graphics Upgrade

Title: Quest 3 VR Brings Visual Upgrades to Popular Games: Here’s What You Need to Know

As the highly anticipated Quest 3 approaches its launch, Meta has promised a seamless cross-generation transition between Quest 2 and Quest 3. During Connect 2023, Meta revealed that over 100 new and upgraded games will be available for both headsets, with more than 50 being brand new titles. This article will focus on the visual enhancements and upgrades that existing Quest 2 games will receive on Quest 3. Let’s dive into the list of games that have been confirmed to receive visual upgrades on the new headset.

Drop Dead: Dual Strike
The popular VR shooter game, Drop Dead: Dual Strike, developed by Soul Assembly, will be receiving a Quest 3 upgrade. Comparisons between the Quest 2 and Quest 3 versions have been made available, showcasing the improved visuals. The sequel, Drop Dead: The Cabin, will also receive visual upgrades and a mixed reality mode on Quest 3.

Espire 2
Digital Lode’s Espire 2, a thrilling stealth action game, will be getting mixed reality missions in a free update for Quest 3 on October 10. Alongside the new missions, the game will also receive updated visuals specifically designed for Quest 3 players.

With Quest 3’s enhanced capabilities, GOLF+ by CEO and founder Ryan Engle will receive visual upgrades on the new headset. A comparison video highlights the improved lighting, textures, and shadows, providing an overall improved golfing experience. The Quest 3 update for GOLF+ is set to be released on October 12.

Guardians Frontline
VirtualAge Games’ FPS and RTS hybrid, Guardians Frontline, released last March, will receive visual enhancements on Quest 3, bringing it even closer to the PC VR edition. The upgraded visuals will enhance the immersive experience of this Halo and Starcraft reminiscent title.

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Hubris, previously known for its visual prowess on PC VR, will receive significant improvements on Quest 3. Developer Cyborn has revealed upgrades including increased screen resolution, improved texture quality, foliage density, and increased level of detail. The enhancements on Quest 3 highlight the potential of the game’s stunning visuals.

Red Matter 2
Vertical Robot’s immersive puzzle adventure, Red Matter 2, will push the graphical boundaries on Quest 3. With increased rendering resolution, frame rate adaptability, and dynamic shadows, Red Matter 2 on Quest 3 promises a console-quality experience with 4K textures.

The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners
The highly acclaimed title, The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners, will receive an enhanced edition on Quest 3. Improved graphics and visuals will enhance the immersive, zombie-filled world. Although a specific release date is yet to be announced, comparison footage shown during Connect 2023 offers a glimpse into the visual enhancements.

Vermillion, a painting app, will receive significant visual upgrades on Quest 3. Developer Thomas van den Berge states that the Quest 3 version will match the canvas resolution of the PC VR version, making it a visually stunning painting experience. Qualcomm’s Super Resolution technology further enhances the visuals, taking advantage of Quest 3’s capabilities.

Zenith: The Last City
Ramen VR’s VR MMORPG, Zenith: The Last City, dropped support for Quest 1 last month. However, it is now receiving a notable update for Quest 3, expanding its immersive world and taking advantage of the new hardware. The update for Quest 3 will become available on October 10.

Other Confirmed Quest 3 Upgrades
In addition to the aforementioned games, there have been confirmations of visual upgrades for several other titles. Apex Construct and Broken Edge by Fast Travel Games will receive upgrades, along with Dungeons of Eternity, which showcases a noticeably sharper resolution. Games such as Deisim, Puzzling Places, Cactus Cowboy – Desert Warfare, and more are also confirmed to be enhanced for Quest 3.

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As Quest 3 approaches its launch, Meta is committed to providing an upgraded gaming experience for both existing and new titles. With improved visuals and enhanced gameplay, Quest 3 aims to provide an immersive and visually stunning VR gaming experience. The list of games receiving visual upgrades continues to grow, and we anticipate more announcements and confirmations in the near future.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is based on official announcements and comparisons made during Meta Connect 2023. Please note that release dates and enhancement details are subject to change.

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